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Recubrimientos plásticos Glasliner

Glasliner (Exceliner)

Glasliner (previously called Exceliner) FRP Panels offer superior quality and durability combined with unsurpassed hygiene, manufactured under state-of–the–art processes meeting USDA standards. Our Glasliner moisture-resistant FRP paneling solutions are available in a range of surface options, textures, and colors. Easy and highly cost-effective to install over any existing surface, they are long lasting and attractive looking. Graham´s […]
Láminas de poliéster Polylit

Poliacryl (Polylit)

Glasteel is a premier North American manufacturer of Fiberglass Reinforced Panels for interior and exterior skylight and wall light applications. Polylit & Polylit Plus Panels are specifically designed to fit various light transmitting applications such as post frame buildings, pre-engineered metal buildings and greenhouses.
lamina acrilica translucida acrylit


Acrylit Light Transmitting Panels offer the highest performing panel available today for steel frame construction. Acrylit utilizes a proprietary integrated formulation of 100% acrylic resin and acrylic gel coating to provide superior long term protection against yellowing and deterioration. Acrylit also offers outstanding light diffusion and uniform natural illumination. With the wide range of Acrylit, you can find the best suitable product for your needs.
Láminas de policarbonato Macrolux


Graham offers a line of polycarbonate products that provide you with broad range of excellent solutions for diverse uses: skylights, roofing and covering for buildings, architectural solutions and glazing. These polycarbonate products are manufactured with the highest quality polycarbonate resin and State-Of-The-Art technology.
Lámina de pvc


One layer standard corrugated PVC panel. It is lightweight and easy to install making it ideal for residential and agricultural covering applications.
Recubrimientos plásticos Steeliner


Steeliner products are manufactured in a continuous production process which guarantees control of every part of the production and ensures the quality in every product. Steeliner makes affordable liner products for the truck and trailer industry. The Steeliner laminates are produced using the best polyester resins and fiberglass giving the product excellent mechanical properties for the highest requirements of the industry. Steeliner has products designed for different applications: for side walls (exterior or interior), roofing and flooring.


Whether you're sitting by the seaside listening to the roar of the surf, or enjoying the quiet majesty of a beautiful mountain lake, the memories just keep on rolling mile after mile if your RV is protected by Versalit fiberglass panels.
Lámina opaca opalit


Opalit is an ideal opaque roofing & siding panel for aggressive environments, made from polyester resin that ensures excellent resistance in corrosive environments. It can be adapted to suit any structure and reduces heat build-up in indoor areas.


Graham, through Resolite FRP Composites, is now drawing on over 50 years of knowledge and experience to offer a deck product with a special blend of corrosion and moisture resistant vinyl ester resin and fiberglass reinforcement. Resolite´s Tred-Safe DECK is an industrial construction unit that integrates corrosion resistance and high strength in a lightweight assembly.
lámina resistente resolite

Fire-Snuf CR (FS25A)

Resolite, the division of Stabilit America INC, is recognized as an industry leader in industrial and corrosion resistant products. Resolite developed and fabricated the industry's first fire retardant FRP panels ( CR Fire-Snuf), and introduced the first walkable FRP panel (Tred-Safe™) and RFM panels (Factory Mutual approved), as well as other engineered FRP composite products.