FRP Scuff Panels

Typical application

  • Designed for use as scuff liner in trailers and truck bodies.

Physical Characteristics

12″, 16″, 24″, 48″ Embossed .81 lbs. Sq. Ft.

Technical caracteristics

PropertyTypical ValueTest Method
Flexural Strength 22,703 PSI ASTM D-790
Flexural Modulus 880,000 PSI ASTM D-790
Tensile Strength 12,329 PSI ASTM D-638
Tensile Modulus 950,000 PSI ASTM D-638
Izod Impact (Notched) 8.51 Ft. Lbs. ASTM D-256
Barcol Hardness 45 ASTM D-2583

Typical application


Other products of the family

Recubrimientos plásticos para exteriores

Exterior Liners

Steeliner for exterior walls is a fiberglass composite panel designed for the exterior walls of the body truck, with a special acrylic gelcoat which enables a longer protection against UV radiation and provides an excellent esthetical appearance, thereby providing years of care-free service to your vehicle.

Interior Walls and Roofs

Steeliner transportation interior wall & roof liner is a high strength fiberglass composite panel. It is tough, durable and USDA approved. Panels provide great impact and abrasion resistance, and are extremely resistant to moisture. Wall liner panels also protect against a wide range of chemicals and are rustproof and mildew resistant.

Translucent Roof

Steeliner semi translucent and translucent roofs are laminates designed to allow the light pass through the roof that provides a better sight inside the body truck (making loading and unloading operations much easier) and saving energy. Available with the Woven Roving Tissue reinforcement making the roof of the body truck scratch-resistant.


Steeliner sub-flooring is a fiberglass composite panel that is light yet strong. It is resistant to moisture and a wide variety of chemicals. It is designed not to rot, corrode or mildew. Designed for use in refrigerated trailers and truck bodies.

Truck Bed Panel

Embossed Truck Bed Panel are reinforced composite panels for exterior use including truck bed covers. These thermoset panels are produced using the highest quality polyester resins and U.V. inhibitors.