The specialized polycarbonate system Easyroof PA is the best solution for natural lighting on isolated polycarbonate sheets. Specially designed for the use of natural lightning with a high thermal and acoustic isolation, to be combined with the steel isolated panels use in the construction industry. It has a protection layer against UV rays eliminating 99% of these harmful rays and thanks to its 4 – wall structure it avoids condensation. Resist hail of up to 21 mm diameter.


  • Compatible with isolated sheets on a row
  • Provides excellent natural light transmission
  • Prevents condensation
  • Practically unbreakable
  • Resist hail of up to 21 of diameter
  • Self – extinguishing


  • Contribute LEED credits
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 15 – 20 years of useful life


Typical application

  • Sheds
  • Stores
  • Warehouses, etc.

Easyroof Product Range

Product Range

    Thickness Weight (lb/ft2) Weight (kg/m2) Light transmission, crystal color (%) Acoustic isolation (db) Cold bend radius (m) Colors
Easy Roof 30/4W- 4227 (Four walls)  30 mm 0.63 3.1 52 21 5.6
Physical Characteristics UNIT VALUE
Width m (in) .993 (39”)
Length m (in) up to 12.20 (480”)
Thickness mm (in) 30 (1.18”)
# of walls    4
Weight kg/m2 (lb/ft2) 3.1 (.63)
Solar Heat Gain Coeff (SHFC) SHGC 0.36
U value W/m2 °K 1.59
Acoustic Isolation dB  21
ASTM D-5628-95 J impact J 0.83
Thermal Expansion mm/m ºC 0.0654
Work temperature range ºC -40 to 120
Cold forming radius m (ft) 5.6 (18.3’)
Light Transmission Clear – Opal % 52, 35
UV protection   One side
Warranty Years 10

Technical Specification

Maximum distance for supports
Distance between supports Load
m (in) Pressure Suction
1.5 (59”) 2100 Pa     Max. 1400 Pa
1.75 (69”) 1600 Pa
2 (79”) 1250 Pa
2.25 (88.5”) 950 Pa
2.5 (98.5”) 750 Pa
ASTM E84-01Class A-I (NFPA, UBC)
ASTM D635-74Flame retardant (Classification CC1)
ASTM D2843-93Low smoke density (UBC Standard no. 26-5)
ASTM D1929-68Meets the ignition temperature standard (UBC standard N. 26-6)

Typical application

Commercial Industrial

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