Polycarbonate Macrolux Multiwall is a high performance roofing sheet which has been designed for industrial, commercial, architectural and domestic applications where insulating glazing is required.

It offers a 10 year non-prorated warranty against loss of light transmission and yellowing in accordance to ASTM 0-1003, thanks to the co-extruded UV protected PC layer fused to the PC substrate of the sheet.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Long life UV protection
  • Damage and impact resistance
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Thermal insulation
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Excellent appearance


  • Energy saving
  • Contributes to obtain LEED Credits for sustainable constructions

Translucent Polycarbonate Multiwall Panels

Typical application

  • Heat insulating glazing in factories,
  • Glazing in sports halls, greenhouses, hotels, public constructions
  • Light roofing in restaurants, bars and residential constructions
  • Architectural designs.

Special Layers

IQ-Relax for added heat reduction

Features advanced solar control properties, improved room comfort and high light transmission. (55.4 degrees Fahrenheit less inside temperature vs standard multiwall polycarbonate panel).

No-Drop for humid conditions

Features a special water dispensing layer that prevents drop formation in humid conditions typically found in greenhouses.


Offers an optimal combination of high light transmission from natural sunlight that enhances the photosynthesis process, and reduced temperatures by reflecting IR rays that cause extreme heat.

Double UV

Two sided UV protection for superior resistance which helps maintain long-term high light transmission and provides cutting and installation advantages.


Features a ground glass appearance, providing greater light diffusion.

Physical specification
Sheet Thickness 4mm 6mm 8mm 8mm 10mm 10mm 16mm
Structure Twin Wall Twin Wall Twin Wall Triple Wall Twin Wall  Triple Wall Triple Wall X-Structure
Weight (lb/ft2) 0.16 0.26 0.3 0.3 0.34 0.34 0.5
Weight (g/m2) 800 1300 1500 1500 1700 1700 2500
Light Transmission {%) Clear 82 80 80 80 80 80 59
Light Transmission {%) Bronze 52 50 50 50 46 46 31
Light Transmission (%) Opal 61 55 54 54 54 54 54
Light Transmission (%) White 37 23 19 19 15 15 4
Width (in.) 47.25″, 48″, 71.25″, 72″ and 82.67″
Length (ft.) 8′, 12′, 18, 36’up to 48′
Gauges 4mm(3/16″), 6mm(1/4″), 8mm(5/16″), 10mm(3/8″), 16mm(5/8″)
Basic colors

Product Range

  ThicknessWeight (lb/ft2)Weight (g/m2)Light transmission crystalSound reduction indexCold forming radiusStandard colors
Twin Wall (2W)
4 mm0.1680082%N/A29.5 in






Smoke Grey

Pearlescent Grey




6 mm0.26130080%1039.4 in
8 mm0.30150080%N/A49.2 in
10 mm0.34170080%1659.1 in
Triple Wall (3W)
8 mm0.30150074%1451.2 in
10 mm0.34170080%N/AN/A
Triple Wall X-Structure (3WX/16)
16 mm0.50250059%2194.5 in
Technical Data
Property/ ThicknessUnit4mm6mm8mm8mm10mm16mm
Structure Twin WallTwin WallTwin WallTriple WallTwin WallTriple Wall X-Structure
Thermal Insulation BTU/hr-ft2ºF (ASTM C976/90)U-Value R- Value0.720.62 1.60.60 1.70.60 6.470.56 1.90.42 2.4
Cold Forming Radius (Minimum permisible)Inch29.539.449.
Heat expansion coefficientInch/ft °F4×10-44×10-44×10-44×10-44×10-44×10-4
Max. permanent service temperature w/o load°F250250250250250250
Possible expansion due to Heat and MoistureInch/ Inch0.0030.0030.0030.0030.0030.003
Weighted sound reduction indexdBN/A10N/AN/A1621

Structural Considerations

Load Deflection

When Polycarbonate twin wall sheet is used as a structural element in roofs and walls, the forces applied by wind and snow loads must be absorbed by a suitable structure. Also, adequate locking devices must be used to protect the whole structure (PC sheet and metal or wood structure) against wind suction.

The anticipated structural load values are specified in local building regulations. The total applicable load deflects the sheet. For safety and aesthetic reasons, the maximum bend should be limited to 5% of the dimensions of the shorter side of the sheet.

For a 4′ wide sheet:

Maximum Purlin Spacing (inches) sheet deflection -1″
Load (lb-f/ft2)15304560

For a 6′ wide sheet:

Maximum Purlin Spacing (inches) Sheet Deflection -1″
Load (lb-f/ft2)15304560

Heat Expansion

Glasteel´s PC sheet has a higher heat expansion coefficient than standard construction materials such as glass, steel and aluminum. Specific clearance between the sheet and the structural frame has to be calculated in order to ensure proper installation.

MaterialHeat Expansion Coefficient (inch/ftºF)
Makrolon®4 x 10-4
Glass5 x 10-5
Steel8 x 10-5
Aluminum1.6 x 10-4

Fire Behavior

Glasteel´s PC Macrolux Multiwall sheet is produced using high-quality polycarbonate resin made by Bayer. It does not burn easily and has been defined as a self-extinguishable material by international standards in different countries.

ASTM E84-01ClassA (NFPA); Class (UBC)
ASTM D635-74Class CC1
ASTM D2843-93Low Smoke Density (UBC standard No. 26-5)
ASTM D1929-68Self Ignition Temperature greater than 650ºCF

Light transmission


Change in the light transmission of PC sheet in time

Change in the yellowness index of PC sheet in time

Typical application

Commercial Institutional Architectural Commercial Greenhouse Industrial Residential Transformation


Type Accessory Sample Presentation Color Application Length or amount
Standard U-Profile For 4 & 6 mm, for 8 & 10 mm
To cover the cells and prevent leaks 10´ ( 3,66 mts), in pack of 10 pieces
Standard H-Profile For 4 & 6 mm, For 8 & 10 mm
To join multiwall panels 24´ ( 7,32 mts), in pack of 10 pieces
H profile molding Clamp For 4 & 6 mm, for 8 & 10 mm
To join multiwall panels 24´ ( 7,32 mts), in pack of 10 pieces
Vented Tape 16´, 147 ´(5 ml, 45 ml)
To seal allowing breathing the material min. 10 pieces
Aluminum tape 16´, 147 ´(5 ml, 45 ml)
To seal min. 10 pieces
Buttons For 4 & 6 mm, For 8 & 10 mm
When perforation is absolutely necessary min. 10 pieces


  • In order to avoid condensation in the sheet cells and sheet deterioration, always place the sheet with the cells in the vertical direction.
  • Always store the sheets in horizontal position, never against the floor. Apply aluminum tape to seal the cells after cutting the sheet.
  • Do not walk over the sheets.
  • Do not apply direct load on the sheet with foot or knee. Use wood platforms or supports to spread out the pressure during installation.
  • Remove IIV protecting masking only and right after installation; never before and never after hours of being installed.
  • Glasteel´s PC Sheet can be cut to size using tools for standard materials such as cutters and saws. However, it is recommended the use of a table with fixed knives for a cleaner cut.
  • It is not recommended to drill holes in the sheet. Rather the use of aluminum or Polycarbonate profiles to fix the sheets to the structure is recommended.
  • Never use PVC profiles when installing Makrolon®PC sheets.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • For general cleaning it is recommended to use a non-abrasive, solvent free neutral soap with water.
  • Rinse with high-pressure washer-Use a soft cloth or sponge to loosen any remaining of dirt and grime. Never use abrasive cleaners or brushes. Do not scrub the sheet surface.
  • Never clean with gasoline, benzene or acetone.

Bonding Adhesives

It is recommended to use 100% alcoholic based silicone perimeter sealant such as DOW Corning-791 or equivalent

Other products of the family

Láminas de policarbonato Macrolux Rooflite

Macrolux Rooflite

This high performance roof light material with added UV protection is ideal for horticultural and residential applications. Available in multiwall structure for added durability and impact resistance.

Macrolux Systems

Macrolux polycarbonate specialized systems can be used as trapezoidal sheets, modular locking systems, panels for roofs combined with existing metallic structures and self-supporting solutions.

Macrolux Solid

Macrolux Solid XL polycarbonate sheets are an excellent option for natural lighting when security and impact resistance are essential. Solid polycarbonate sheets are a very versatile material that can be cut or cold formed when being installed.