Acrylit Light Transmitting Panels offer the highest performing panel available today for steel frame construction. Acrylit utilizes a proprietary integrated formulation of 100% acrylic resin and acrylic gel coating to provide superior long term protection against yellowing and deterioration. Acrylit also offers outstanding light diffusion and uniform natural illumination. With the wide range of Acrylit, you can find the best suitable product for your needs.

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Acrylit is manufactured by Stabilit under continuous production process. Available in most important profile selections and colors.

Acrylit High Impact

Stabilit has developed a product with special features for harsh natural environments such as hail, snow and wind, having a greater impact resistance which represents a better performance before these setbacks
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Acrylit High Performance

Acrylit High Performance provides outstanding strength thanks to a proprietary integrated formulation of 100% Acrylic resin with additional Woven Roving glass technology.