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Interior Wall & Ceiling Cladding

Resin rich surfaces that are tough, strong, and easy to clean. Ideal for high traffic areas where hygiene and easy maintenance are a must.

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Top Hygienic Wall & Ceiling Cladding

Glasliner AM Antimicrobial FRP is a polyester resin based panel designed specifically for areas that demand a high sanitary and hygienic environment.The active antimicrobial component is infused within the panel composition to create a tough, durable wall and ceiling system that truly fights against the growth of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms. The antimicrobial component also adds protection against damaging surface stains and odors frequently caused by surface contaminations. Adding to their proven sanitary capabilities (e.g. High Chemical Resistance), independent laboratory tests have shown that it effectively combats against harmful microorganisms.

Products used in these projects:

Refrigeration Interior Wall & Ceiling Cladding

Glasliner (Standard and Antimicrobial) FRP polyester resin based panels are ideal interior and exterior cladding materials for refrigerated chambers, commercial refrigerators. The Glasliner Laminated panels are excellent for walk-in coolers and freezers. They are laminated to Plywood and OSB. Glasliner FRP is durable, easy to clean and maintain with excellent chemical resistance properties.

Products used in these projects:

Foundation Liner

Glasliner Foundation Liner panel gives to your construction an extra barrier of protection against moisture and insects. Besides, they trap in the energy used to heat and cool your building. It can be installed directly to solid walls or over insulation. Stays strong and sturdy in any season. It is available in standard lengths and 3 different widths, and with recommended accessories.

Products used in these projects:

Roof Light & Sidelight

Stabilit offers a wide range of translucent sheets that combine optimal light transmission, weather resistance, blocking of harmful UV rays and many other benefits for your building. You will surely find the right product for your specific need.

Canopies & Light Roofing

If you are you looking for protection against the harmful UV rays and rain while letting the light in, or you just want to escape from the sunlight, or you need an aesthetic or creative solution for your light roofing, you definitely will find the right option for your need.