Our Macrolux® specialized polycarbonate systems stand out for their light weight, thermal insulation, impact resistance, high light transmission and good fire performance. These unique properties make them ideal for a whole host of different applications such as: architecture, industrial construction, street furniture, agriculture, lighting, DIY automotive, interior design and furniture.

Macrolux® Systems is especially indicated for roofs, decks, and walls in the fields of civil and industrial construction.


Typical application

Typical Application

  • Warehouses, industrial buildings
  • Commercial storehouses (supermarkets)
  • Architectural skylight in sport complexes, hotels, swimming pools, airports, etc.
  • Greenhouses

Features and benefits

  • Light weight and transparency
  • Can be produced in low thickness
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Versatile to use
  • Visual adaptability
  • Impact resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • 10-year warranty

Typical application



Click 16

Easy, fast and secure, the Click 16 system for roofs and walls is ideal for the construction of flat roofs and small areas such as carports, canopies, verandas and greenhouses. The simple assembly even allows the installation by unskilled hands: it is an ideal product for “do it yourself”, indeed the specific side overlap of the Click 16 panel allows an easy fitting of the panels without the need for profile joints offering a very cheap solution and with a high aesthetic design. The coextruded gasket guarantees a high performance of air and water tightness.

Easyroof PA

Easyroof® is designed to facilitate the installation of single skylights coupled with the most common sandwich panels. The main features are: the system can fit to most common sandwich panels with variable thickness, the good thermal insulation and light transmission, the possibility to create skylights on long sloping roofs (please consider the necessary expansion spaces), the good load resistance, the 10-year warranty against hail, yellowing and loss of light transmission.


Modulit® is a polycarbonate system extruded in modular panels used for the production of translucent vertical and / or inclined walls. The system is made by means of panel coupling, provided by “male / female” joints for a perfect fit. Thereby the installation is fast and easy, even for the inexperienced in the use of modular systems. The range of accessories, consisting of outer profiles in anodized aluminum, hooks and gaskets, making the system complete, versatile and secure against outside loads.


BDL is the ideal solution for producing skylights or glazed roofing, which can be either flat or curved. The system, which comprises an engineered multiwall panel in extruded polycarbonate, provides good thermal insulation and excellent optical and mechanical properties. The panels slot together simply and effectively with the aid of specific polycarbonate profiles. Where required by the project's structural load, these can be upgraded to aluminum or steel profiles. The special clip-together fastening system does not involve making through holes in the polycarbonate. This enables long stretches of roof to be produced and makes the product really easy to install and consistently reliable when it comes to keeping water out.

Other products of the family

Macrolux Multiwall

Excellent insulating glazing material manufactured from High –Tec polycarbonate resin with added co-extruded UV protection against weathering. Available in several structure options, thicknesses and colors.
Láminas de policarbonato Macrolux Rooflite

Macrolux Rooflite

This high performance roof light material with added UV protection is ideal for horticultural and residential applications. Available in multiwall structure for added durability and impact resistance.