Acrylit is a unique product in the market manufactured by Stabilit under continuous production process. Available in most important profile selections and colors

lamina acrilica translucida acrylit


  • 100% Natural Illumination
  • Non- Yellowing
  • No Delamination
  • Excellent Impact Resistance
  • Double Sided Gel Coat protection
  • UV Protection
  • Excellent resistance to extreme weather conditions (Acrylit High Impact)


  • 10 Year Warranty Against Yellowing
  • 10 Year Warranty Against Fiber Bloom
  • Over 20 year proven lifetime
  • Energy Savings
  • No Leaks
  • Benefits of Natural lighting and diffused light
  • Support for Sustainable development culture


  • UL-90 Approved
  • Florida Code Approval
  • Meets CBSC Under California Title 24
  • Meets ASTM Standards

laminas de acrilico en bodegas

FRP Acrilic Resin Skylight and Sidelight Panel

Typical application

  • Metal construction Industrial Buildings, Warehouses
  • Commercial storehouses (supermarkets)
  • Greenhouses
  • Architectural skylight in sport complexes, hotels, swimming pools, airports, etc.

Light Difusión

Natural Daylighting Design can save up to 75% of electric lighting costs. It is scientifically proven, that natural light increases health, productivity and performance of personnel, which also adds to gard savings. Acrylit provides uniform light diffusion with a haze factor of 90-95%.


No color distortion, important for quality control and/or working with dangerous materials.
Improves the quality of work, reduces accidents, lessens scrap factories, increases shopping in stores, etc.


Penetrates deeper for greater photosynthesis and supports better plant growth.
Improves crop yield, heightens leaf count, lower crop temperature and shortens crop time.

Light Transmission Properties
Property Polycarbonate(Twin wall) Tedlar AcrylitGC Standard Polyester FRP
Light Transmission 40 – 50% 50 – 55% 50 – 55% 55 – 60%
Light Diffusion (% Haze) N/A 25 – 30% 90 – 95% 25 – 30%
Yellowing Index 1.96 N/A 0.24 3.98

Property ASTM Std Chopped Glass Result Woven Roving Result
Tensile Strength D638 12,595 PSI 25,772 PSI
Tensile Modulus D638 1.02 x 106 PSI 1.52 x 106 PSI
Flexural Strength D790 29,151 PSI 24,306 PSI
Flexural Modulus D790 0.97 x 106 PSI 0.79 x 106 PSI
Compressive Strength D695 23,304 PSI 28,905 PSI
Compressive Modulus D695 1.03 x 106 PSI 1.5 x 106 PSI
Barcol Hardness D2583 40-50 40-50
% Elongation D638 1.37% 1.90%
Izod Impact D256 17.87 18.59
Building Code Class   CC2 CC2
Burning Rate D635 < 2.5 in/min < 2.5 in/min
Smoke Density E84 105 95
Glass Content D2584 26% ± 3% 34% ± 3%
AcrylitGC R Panel Span and Loading Table (8 oz.)
lbs. per sq. ft. Chopped Woven Roving
Roofing 10psf 74″ 76″
Roofing 20psf 65″ 70″
Roofing 30psf 57″ 63″
Roofing 40psf 48″ 57″
Roofing 50psf 40″ 50″
Roofing 60psf 31″ 44″
Siding 10psf 77″ 79″
Siding 20psf 71″ 74″
Siding 30psf 65″ 69″
Siding 40psf 59″ 65″
Siding 50psf 53″ 60″
Siding 10psf 47″ 56″

Product Range

Product Range Weight Surface Finsh Color
Acrylit 5 oz/sq Ft Smooth/Smooth



7 oz/sq Ft
8 oz/sq Ft
Acrylit High Impact 7 oz/sq Ft Smooth/Smooth
Acrylit High Performance 8 oz/sq Ft Smooth/Smooth White


Acrylit High Impact: with special features for harsh natural environments such as hail, snow and wind, having a greater impact resistance which represents a better performance before these elements. It has the same physical characteristics as Acrylit.

Acrylit High Performance: with Woven Roving glass technology to provide even greater strength when compared to other light transmitting panels. Available in R-Panel, 8 oz. / SF.

SSR panels: reliable lighting system for engargolable roofs, manufactured with Acrylit Double Layer.

Sistema SSR

Typical application

Commercial Institutional Architectural Commercial Greenhouse Agricultural Industrial

Dimensional Specifications


7.2″ x 1 1/2″ Rib




Standing Seam


Other products of the family


Acrylit High Impact

Stabilit has developed a product with special features for harsh natural environments such as hail, snow and wind, having a greater impact resistance which represents a better performance before these setbacks
laminas de acrilico en arquitectura

Acrylit High Performance

Acrylit High Performance provides outstanding strength thanks to a proprietary integrated formulation of 100% Acrylic resin with additional Woven Roving glass technology.