Low Gloss Exterior FRP

Typical Application

  • Exterior wall, entry door and luggage box panels for camping trailers, pop up campers, fifth wheels and pickup drop-ins.


  • Scratch & Abrasion Resistance
  • UV Stabilized
  • Gelcoat protection
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Flexible Formulation


  • Stylish Look
  • Comfort
  • Savings
  • Simplicity
  • Value
Product Selection
USE Exterior panel for wall, roof, doors & luggage box
Surface Finish Smooth
Standard Color Artic white
Special Colors Custom colors available upon request
Thickness .050 Nominal
Weight 0.42 lbs. / Sq. Ft
Minimum bend radius 7"
Width Up to 105"
Length Available in bulk coil lengths of 500 linear feet, as well as in cut to order length sheets
PropertyTypical Value
Nominal Thickness .050 Nominal
Nominal Weight 0.42 lbs. / Sq. Ft
Finish Smooth. Backside Corona treated
Length Bulk coils of 500 linear feet as well as cut-to-length sheets
Width Up to 105º
Minimum Bend Radius 7"
PropertyTypical valueTest method
Flexural Strength 19,000 PSI ASTM D – 790
Flexural Modulus 550,000 PSI ASTM D – 790
Tensile Strength 12,000 PSI ASTM D – 638
Tensile Modulus 850,000 PSI ASTM D – 638
Izod Impact 7 Ft. Lbs. ASTM D – 256
Barcol Hardness 40 ASTM D – 2583
COLTE 0.000015 IN/IN oF ASTM D – 696
Water Absorption (%) 0.3 ASTM D – 570
Specific Gravity 1.6 ASTM D – 792

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Versalit pebble flex FRP is a high strength, flexible fiberglass composite panel. It is UV stabilized to enhance weathering capabilities. Panels are formulated to allow a 2 inch bend radius.