Application Categories

Truck & Trailers

Our Steeliner transportation products have been engineered to withstand the daily punishment and abuse common to the trucking industry thereby providing years of low maintenance, trouble free service to you and your customers.

Recreational Vehicles

Whether you’re sitting by the seaside listening to the roar of the surf, or enjoying the quiet majesty of a beautiful mountain lake, the memories just keep on rolling mile after mile if your RV is protected by Versalit fiberglass panels. Stabilit has been producing a variety of fiberglass products for commercial, industrial and residential use for over fifty years. Versalit RV panels are engineered to add outstanding beauty, low maintenance and long lasting performance.

Products used in these projects:

Buses & Ambulances

Our fiberglass reinforced product line is specially designed for the everyday challenge on the road. These materials withstand continuous use in adverse conditions thanks to its high resistance, offering security, easy maintenance and long lasting performance.