Long lasting, attractive surfaces for every need


High strength, fully-walkable fiberglass panel with over 30 years of successful installations

Fire-Snuf RFM

Fully Engineered Factory Mutual Approved FRP Panels with superior corrosion resistance

Natural Daylighting

FRP Panels for a safe and pleasant working environment


FRP panels developed to withstand the heavy duty use of the transportation industry

Full range of quality plastic laminates for every need

Stabilit, leader in the production and sale of plastic sheets, has committed for over 55 years to customer satisfaction. By constantly improving its manufacturing process and complete product assortment of tailor-made solutions, it has established itself as an international industry leader.

Graham a subsidiary of Stabilit Canada INC and along with its sister companies Glasteel and Resolite, is the leading manufacturer of reinforced fiberglass plastic panels in North America. We provide the largest product selection of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Panels, Polycarbonate and PVC products on the market.

Graham, through its state-of-the-art manufacturing plants (all ISO 9002 Certified) and distribution centers, offers value-added products with the highest quality standards, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. Today we solve cladding, natural-lighting, and anti-corrosion needs in industrial, commercial and residential constructions as well as in transportation industry.

For Stabilit family, the key to our growing success has been our customers’ 100% satisfaction. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and providing the great service we are known for.


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